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Dozers are an essential tool on a construction site utilized for grading land. With technical capabilities improving in the field, productivity and speed have increased with new and improved GPS systems. If you are looking to cut operating time and machine wear, check out the 2D and 3D systems below!

3D Dozer

3D Dozers allow the operator to utilize GPS accurately and efficiently. With an emphasis on speed, these systems allow the operator to drive faster while grading and increase productivity.

  • Work on planes, slopes, contours and curves
  • GPS display and unobstructed view
  • No daily set up and take down procedure

2D Dozer

2D dozers are simpler and use sonic sensing technology. They are mainly used in road work and site work, and allows the operator to be precise down to the millimeter.

  • Cheaper than 3D
  • Operator does all the work
  • Uses external point of reference

3D Dozer Components

The MC-R3 is an interchangeable receiver built for GNSS, radio, and controller to receive RTK corrections

IMU sensors like these are mounted on the body and blade to deliver updates to the system allowing the blade to be on grade at high speeds

The GX-55 control box tells all the components in the 3D system what to do. Equipped with LED bars and a touchscreen interface, the GX-55 is a top of the line product

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