Earth Moving: Dirt Roller

Topcon compaction systems registers every pass and connects the compactors to all other machines on the site. A good compacting job is not easy to achieve. There are several variables that can make or break it.

In asphalt paving, it is likely there are multiple rollers working together when compacting a road or parking lot. For accurate compaction, it is crucial for each operator to be able to see not only their own passes, but those made by other machines. TheC-63 compaction system from Topcon allows this to happen, ensuring proper compaction.

It is not too often that quality and efficiency go hand in hand, but with the C-63 system this is exactly what happens on a compaction project. The job gets completed sooner and achieves optimal pass counts every time.

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Stay on track

One of the most important variables is making sure the correct number of passes occur everywhere across the site. Instead of the operator guessing what has been compacted, the system provides real-time pass graphic visibility.

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