Asphalt: 3D-MC Milling

3D milling changes the way road resurfacing is done. To save time and to keep you a step ahead, your 3D design model now dictates and controls milling depth. Get ready to leave manual processes of milling thickness or reading out mill-marks on the road behind.

  • Millimeter-level accuracy
  • 2400-meter horizontal working range
  • 40-meter vertical working range
  • Multiple users share the same zone
  • Mill horizontally, vertically, or combined transition
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Predictable site logistics

The entire set up is much easier than before, with no string lines or physical references needed. It all works from accurate Topcon Millimeter GPS technology and a 3D design, leading the milling crew to unmatched results. 3D milling makes site logistics manageable and predictable. Removing all physical references and potential obstacles and using a pre-prepared 3D model simplifies the process. The same model can easily be used as reference again for the paver that follows.