Our Take on Machine Control

The early adoption of machine control was dominated by the Big 3 laser and optical titans of the construction industry - Topcon, Trimble, and Leica. As adoption was validated, low-cost Asian hardware manufacturers jumped on the scene with low-cost alternatives. While the low prices created interest, the new providers were plagued with software, workflow, distribution, and serviceability challenges, confusing the marketplace and slowing the adoption of game-changing technologies. However, the market has since matured, and a new round of sophisticated providers is entering the mix with software-driven solutions and simplified user experiences. As a result, we believe there is a 2-pronged approach to meeting the total market demand - (1) the fully integrated workhorse solutions with branded components and all the latest bell and whistles, and (2) lower-cost niche solutions with enhanced speed and ease of use. Our brands of choice are Topcon and Unicontrol.