IDig Excavator Guidance (Utilities)

With the iDig system, you can manage distances, depths and desired slopes. The combination of advanced technologies is unique in the world: no cables, radio communication, simplified installation and solar charging. The user interface has been designed with excavator operators and can be appreciated by all.

The bar graph and LED display guide you in the same field of vision as your bucket and make the iDig an ideal daily tool for you.

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One system for all your excavators (Multiple Machines)

Do you have several excavators? Perfect, we made a removable solution that attaches in seconds from one machine to another. The iDig can save as many excavator and bucket profiles as you want. In the morning you attach on the sensors, the control box and the LED bargraph, then select the right excavator.

No cables and a simple installation

Less than an hour is the average time you need to install the system. When done, you do not have to do it again. The iDig keeps in memory the exact dimensions of your excavators. Installing the iDig is simple: attach the 3 sensors, the control box and the LED bar in the cab, then start working. No need for a technician, you do it yourself by following the on-screen instructions.

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