Grade control for excavators is the key to improve profitability and efficiency on the job site for professional excavators. With so many different excavators and grade control options out there, we put together the different options that are typically the best solution for the most common excavator laser grade systems. 

Mini Excavator Grade Control 

Mini excavators are some of the most popular machines out there due to their small footprint and affordability. The best grade control for a mini excavator will be an entry level grade control package. It includes a Topcon H5A, Topcon LS-B10, and a heavy duty tripod - everything you need to get up and grading! This package is the the perfect fit because it has the ability to do manual slope paired with a small laser receiver for the boom which fits perfectly on the mini excavator. Furthermore, manual slope is acceptable in most cases where mini excavators are used for. Furthermore, this package will be your most affordable solution for grade control.

In certain cases, some professionals need to dial in grade.  If you are looking to dial in grade to an exact measurement (2% slope for example), we recommend going with our premium mini excavator grade control package - an HV2s, LS-B10, and tripod. This is the same package as before, but with an upgraded laser to handle dual slope and dial in grade applications. 


Magnetic Laser Receivers For Excavator Dipper

There is a laundry list of magnetic laser receivers for excavators, but the three most popular series for large excavators are Topcon's LS-B200 Series, Spectra's LR series, and Geomax's 240 or 360 series. The advantages of Topcon are that they are priced competitively with some robust features like plumb indication with decent lead time. Spectra's LR series are an excellent choice with a great reputation, but can take 10 weeks to receive your order due to lingering supply chain issues. Geomax's laser receivers are the best "bang for your buck" with an excellent lead time of about 2 to 4 days. 

If you have a mini excavator, the two most popular options are Topcon's LS-B10 and Spectra's CR700.

Mounting Options for an Excavator

You are in luck! Mounting your laser receiver to your excavator is much easier than doing so on a bulldozer. A bulldozer can require custom fabrication work, expensive mounts, and welding in certain cases. However, when mounting your laser receiver to an excavator, 9 out of 10 times you will use a magnetic mount that clamps onto the boom of the excavator.

Rotary and Grade Laser Level for Excavators

A laser receiver will do you no good without a rotary or grade laser! The two most popular rotary laser brands that excavators trust on a jobsite are Topcon and Spectra. They dominate the industry due to their reputation, accuracy, and long life span. When looking for a laser to pair with your laser reiver, there are three things to look for:

  1. Manual or Dial In Grade
  2. Accuracy (Industry standard is 1/16th of an inch at 100 FT)
  3. Working Range

If we had to suggest two manual slope lasers, our favorites are Topcon's H5A or Spectra's LL300s. If you need a grade laser we recommend either a Topcon HV2s or Spectra's GL1425C.

Please feel free to call or chat us with any questions you have. Benchmark prides itself on being the leader in machine grade control. 

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