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Showing 1 - 24 of 38 products
Stonex R35 Total Station 600mStonex R35 Total Station 600m
Stonex Stonex R35 Total Station 600m
Sale priceFrom $5,460.00 USD
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30-350085 UHF antenna, 450MHz-470MHz, TNC, 29cm (AR-470)
Stonex S980+ Base & RoverStonex S980+ Base & Rover
Stonex Stonex S980+ Base & Rover
Sale price$21,400.00 USD
Stonex S980+ Network RoverStonex S980+ Network Rover
Stonex Stonex S980+ Network Rover
Sale price$10,700.00 USD
Stonex S900+ Base & RoverStonex S900+ Base & Rover
Stonex Stonex S900+ Base & Rover
Sale price$21,000.00 USD
Stonex S900+ Network RoverStonex S900+ Network Rover
Stonex Stonex S900+ Network Rover
Sale price$10,500.00 USD
30-350389 S70/S70G/UT30/UT32 Bracket
40-450221 S900+ IMU firmware activation
40-450220 S900+ UHF firmware activation
S80 Rugged TabletS80 Rugged Tablet
Stonex S80 Rugged Tablet
Sale price$1,815.00 USD
Stonex R80 Motorized Total StationStonex R80 Motorized Total Station
Stonex Stonex R80 Motorized Total Station
Sale price$18,375.00 USD
Stonex R35LR Total Station 1000mStonex R35LR Total Station 1000m
Stonex Stonex R35LR Total Station 1000m
Sale priceFrom $6,195.00 USD
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Stonex R25LR Total StationStonex R25LR Total Station
Stonex Stonex R25LR Total Station
Sale price$5,145.00 USD
Stonex R1 Plus Total StationStonex R1 Plus Total Station
Stonex Stonex R1 Plus Total Station
Sale price$3,755.00 USD
Stonex STT402L Electronic TheodoliteStonex STT402L Electronic Theodolite
Stonex S990+ GNSS ReceiverStonex S990+ GNSS Receiver
Stonex Stonex S990+ GNSS Receiver
Sale price$8,400.00 USD
Stonex S850+ GNSS ReceiverStonex S850+ GNSS Receiver
Stonex Stonex S850+ GNSS Receiver
Sale priceFrom $6,500.00 USD
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Stonex S70G GNSS RTKStonex S70G GNSS RTK
Stonex Stonex S70G GNSS RTK
Sale price$3,675.00 USD
Stonex SH5A ControllerStonex SH5A Controller
Stonex Stonex SH5A Controller
Sale price$1,155.00 USD
Stonex UT56 Rugged TabletStonex UT56 Rugged Tablet
Stonex Stonex UT56 Rugged Tablet
Sale price$1,260.00 USD
Stonex SRT10W Rugged TabletStonex SRT10W Rugged Tablet
Stonex Stonex SRT10W Rugged Tablet
Sale price$1,890.00 USD
Stonex SR35 External RadioStonex SR35 External Radio
Stonex Stonex SR35 External Radio
Sale price$2,450.00 USD
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