SWOZI Line Marketing

GPS sports field line marking with SWOZI line marking robots combines Swiss accuracy with leading-edge GPS technology and an extremely rugged
marking machine.

With the use of a Swozi Cart Pro line marker you can mark sport fields precisely in minutes – both for initial and remarking set outs.

No matter what type or size of sports field, the SWOZI cart pro does the job!

  • Sports fields
  • Stadiums
  • Running tracks
  • Parks and recreational areas
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The SWOZI evo is a highly durable and easy-to-operate marking trolley, initially without GPS. Recognizing that your line marking needs may evolve, we’ve designed it with maximum flexibility.
The SWOZI evo can be effortlessly upgraded with GPS, making it a versatile choice


As an excellent entry-level option, the SWOZI evo can be conveniently adapted in the future. Combining Swiss precision with intelligent technology, this model offers an affordable way to achieve simplified and precise field marking.

SWOZI evo GPS upgrade

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Swozi Line Marketing Benefits

1 field – 1 person – 20 minutes Tapes, pegs and strings are relics of the past. Our satellite guided line marking system ensures pin-point accuracy, initial and remarking set outs in next to no time, and 100% consistency. Get perfect fields in minutes – every time!