Earth Moving: Dozer

There is nothing worse than being on the job site without the tools you need. MC-Max Dozer powered by the MC-X Platform keeps you in the cab and in control with the right tools always at your fingertips.

Professional athletes have their equipment tailored to fit their skills, environments and working styles. With MC-Max, you now have the same option. Contact one of our dealers today to check machine compatibility and start the tailoring process for your bulldozer or fleet.

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No two job sites are the same

Some sites give you open access to the sky and the satellites needed for GNSS or GPS guidance. Others that are close to buildings, in tunnels or under tree canopies may require using robotic total stations for your positioning and machine control needs. MC-Max makes quick work of switching guidance modes to suit your situation.

Choose your level of control and precision

A 2D solution will allow you to work with sonic, laser, or slope inputs, and indication solutions will give you the freedom to push dirt by feel.

On the other hand, if you need to know your exact position on the site and prefer to let the machine automatically follow the grade design, put MC-Max Dozer in 3D Automatic mode and reduce your end-of-the-day fatigue levels.

Speak To One Of Our Sales Professionals