Spectra dual grade lasers are a staple in the construction industry known for their precision to achieve accurate grading, alignment, and leveling. The dual grade capability allows for simultaneous grading in two directions, ensuring the ultimate control of grade for applications such as road construction, landscaping, and site preparation.

In this article, we're breaking down Spectra's dual grade lasers line to cover some of the similarities, along with what makes each of these dual grade lasers unique. At the end, we hope you can make an informed decision as to which one is best suited for your needs. 

To start, there are three dual grade lasers in the Spectra Family:

  1. Spectra GL1425C
  2. Spectra GL622N
  3. Spectra GL722

Similarities In Spectra Dual Grade Lasers

For the most part all three of these lasers are very similar. The all have 1/16th of an inch accuracy every 100FT, include premium features like grade match and plane lok, have the ability to do vertical alignment, and of course have dial-in dual grade. 

Differences in Spectra Dual Grade Lasers 

There are two main differences when looking at Spectra's dual grade laser line. The first being grading percentage capability. The grading capabilities on each one of these laser varies

Grading Percentage:

  • GL1425C - 9% Automatic, 15% with tilt adjustment plate
  • GL622N - 25% on both the X and Y axis
  • GL722 - 10% on the X axis, 25% on the Y axis

As you can see the GL622N is the preferred choice when working on steep slope applications. It can handle steep grade in both the X and Y axis. If you don't need steep slope settings, the GL1425C is an excellent choice.  

The next difference is the working range of these lasers. 


  • GL1425C - 2,600 FT
  • GL622N - 2,600 FT
  • GL722 - 3,000 FT

It's clear here that the GL722 is the king of long range applications and is typically used on large construction sites as it has a built in antenna on the laser to communicate with the receiver more effectively. If you are doing long range work, the GL722 reigns supreme. 

Bonus Difference - Infrared beam!? 

Fun fact, but the GL622N is one of the only grade lasers on the market to offer an infrared beam option instead of a red or green beam diode. Infrared beams are unique because they do not emit light when rotating. This is particularly useful for applications near airports and railroads because they do not want lasers being emitted that can interfere with pilots and conductors, especially at night. If you do work by airports or railroads, we strongly consider working with an infrared beam laser - the GL622N Infrared beam model.  


We like to keep this simple. If you don't do steep grade applications or need long range capabilities, go with the GL1425C. If you need a laser that can handle steep slope applications, go with the GL622N. If you need a laser that can perform at long range, go with the GL722.

From our experience, most customers can use a GL1425C 80% of the time for the work they are doing! All of these lasers are phenomenal choices to add in your fleet and if you have any additional questions, please reach out to us here at Benchmark! 

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