ABI Force is a leader in the turf and ballfield maintenance industry with their flagship machine, the Force Z23. It features a zero-turn platform, allowing it to undertake tasks typically associated with larger, heavier equipment. As a result, operators can enhance productivity using a more compact, easily transportable, and user-friendly machine.

What sets the Force Z23 apart from the competition is its unique capability to swap attachments on the job without requiring any tools. In this article, we will breakdown the top attachments for infield grooming and explore the strengths of each. 

ABI Force Finish Broom

The Force Finish Broom is your go to choice when working on well-kept surfaces. Spanning 7 feet in width with replaceable bristles and adjustable mounting arms to ensure optimal downward pressure for even grading, the finish broom effortlessly levels low areas to grade the ballfield in pristine, game-ready condition. It's the go-to solution for surface finishing on well kept ballfields. 


ABI Force XD Flexible Drag Mat

The heavy-duty, flexible metal mat is the perfect choice for rejuvenating surfaces following substantial renovations or grooming. It's flexible design by nature allows operators to get an excellent rough grade quickly.


ABI Force Rigid Drag Mat

An inflexible metal mat equipped with an integrated leveling bar is the ideal choice for everyday use, delivering an excellent finish. If you are working on ball fields that are not kept up to pristine conditions, this will be a great choice as the rigid drag mat can grade tougher terrain compared to the flexible drag mat.  


ABI Force Profile Blade 

Designed for gentle de-compaction, the Profile Blade attachment is the perfect tool for light renovation work. It excels in de-compacting the entire infield material profile, from 1/2" to 3 inches beneath the surface, promoting rapid drainage and a consistent playing field. The Profile Blades are also effective at cutting weeds and grass at their roots, removing grass from infields and warning tracks.


ABI Vibraflex 3500-R

The revolutionary VibraFlex 3500-R represents a game-changing addition to our equipment lineup. Positioned behind the ABI Force, it features two staggered rows of 1/4" or 1/8" VibraFlex pins meticulously engineered to eliminate tire compression and improve aeration of the field. Activating the VibraFlex 3500-R for tasks such as nail-dragging and Laser Grading is a breeze—simply lower the rear hydraulic lift to engage this powerful tool. This attachment excels at relieving tire compression, enhancing soil aeration, and offers options for both 1/4" and 1/8" U-pins, making it a perfect choice for laser grading applications.

ABI Force Vibraflex 

Featuring a seamless distribution of evenly staggered U-pins, the Vibraflex effectively conveys vibration and flexibility from front to back, breaking down surface tension of the soil. Available in two models, it offers tailored solutions for different infield compositions, usage scenarios, and play levels. 


ABI Force Multifunction Rake

This versatile tool can be pitched vertically to efficiently back-blade material from elevated areas and distribute it into lower spots. It's also adept at clearing loose vegetation and debris, consolidating them into piles for easy disposal.  Some of its notable features include the ability to break up clay clods and its suitability for use in both forward and reverse motions.


ABI Force Pro Finisher 

The Pro Finisher delivers a flawless touch to infield conditioners at a professional level. Crafted with a coated steel lattice, it gracefully hovers over the infield material, ensuring even distribution and leveling of conditioner. Its flared edges are designed to feather edges seamlessly, leaving no noticeable marks even during sharp turns. The Pro Finisher is ideal for use on well-maintained and already level infields, making it the perfect choice to apply and refresh conditioner. 

ABI Force Coco Mat

An excellent choice for surfaces with higher moisture levels, the coco mat comes equipped with a built-in leveling bar for added convenience.

ABI Force Mini Box

 The Mini-Box Blade attachment enhances the Force Z-23 with added earth-moving capabilities and exceptional versatility. By offering precise fingertip control over its powerful hydraulic and spring-loaded arms, users can efficiently handle materials, clear loose debris and rocks, and skillfully grade and level while moving forward, all while maintaining excellent visibility. This attachment eliminates the need for manual labor, allowing for swift leveling and grading in confined spaces or on surfaces where a light touch is essential. 


We hope this brings clarity into ABI Force's Attachments and their specific use case. With that said, we understand it can be overwhelming with so many options. Feel free to give us a call to contact our sales team at Benchmark so we can ensure the right setup for you and your ballfield maintenance needs.  





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