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Pix4D viDoc RTK Rover For Pix4Dcatch

Elevate 3D scanning with the power of RTK and photogrammetry on a mobile device


Couple the viDoc RTK Rover to Pix4Dcatch via Bluetooth and connect to any NTRIP service of your choice.

Walk around you area of interest to acquire high-precision positional data for individual images.


Stop recording and automatically upload the captured images to Pix4Dcloud to generate accurate and easy-to-share 3D models.


Measure distances, areas, and volumes around the model and perform virtual inspections.


Selectively and securely share project data and insights with your team, clients, and suppliers.

Why viDoc?

Accuracy At Your Fingertips

The viDoc RTK Rover combined with an iPad Pro/iPhone 12, Pix4Dcatch and Pix4Dcloud is the new generation of work-site ground surveys, allowing for measurements with an absolute accuracy within 5 cm.


Get RTK accuracy without a mobile station, for a fraction of the time and price. Unlock powerful, precise results with just a handheld iOS device.


Easy for anyone to perform ground-based 3D modeling with a high degree of accuracy. The handheld viDoc RTK rover combined with the intuitive Pix4Dcatch app makes the creation of digital twins easier and faster.

How To Use PIX4Dcatch & The viDoc RTK Rover