Topcon T-18 Data Controller


Topcon T-18 data controller


The Topcon T-18 data controller is designed for the geopositioning, construction, mapping and vertical construction professional operating the Topcon MAGNET™ Field software. The controller works with all of Topcon’s

GPS receivers and total stations. The T-18 has a standard 3.5G (WCDMA) cell modem that provides access to MAGNET Enterprise for sending and receiving data files.


The T-18 is a replacement of the S-10 data controller.


Key Features:

Large sunlight readable display – 3.7 inch

Drop tested to 1.2 m and IP65 certified

1GHz processor

5 MP camera

512Mb RAM,

1GB Flash Storage

3.5G cellular module

Internal GPS 3m accuracy

Built-in wireless Bluetooth® and WiFi connectivity

Windows® Embedded handheld operating system


27 buttons, with 4-way directional arrow key

9-pin serial port

Accessible, rechargeable batteries