Topcon LS-100D Laser Receiver / Sensor

Versatile and designed formaximum user convenience, the LS-100D features a digital readoutto confidently deliver elevationand vertical alignment controlon demand.

It features an extra-wide beamcapture sensor that also rejectsannoying interference from strobelight exposures. The large andbright LCD displays (front andrear) feature 9-channels of gradeinformation and digitally showthe distance to on-grade. Bypressing the Hold button, thedisplay is locked so the user canconveniently read the results. Foradded versatility, three coloredLED's and a strong magnet mountare imbedded for vertical operation,ideal for steel erection or operatorgradechecking while excavating.To assist in monitoring the Topconrotating laser, alert icons appearon the LCD if the instrument isdisturbed (HI alert) or when thelaser battery is low.