Topcon Dual Display Receiver LS-80A w/ Holder 57140

Dual Display Receiver w/ Holder - 57140 LS-80A

This laser receiver is compatible with the Topcon Rl-H4C rotary level and is compatible with other red beam lasers as well. This instrument aids to increase the laser's range. The receiver's accuracy level is easily controlled. The receiver provides alerts, an alert for when you are level and an alert for when out of range. This laser receiver has an IP-66 rating, which means that the system is protected against both dust and water. The receiver features an outer case that is constructed of rubber. The case absorbs shock if the machine is dropped. The receiver's dual LCD display makes reading data more convenient than ever. The receiver requires AA batteries. Operation time can be as much as 80 hrs. Features a low battery notification as well and an automatic cut off after 30 minutes.