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SWOZI Line Marking

SWOZI Line Marking System

The SWOZI cart pro is considered the most versatile and adaptable line marking system for sports fields on the market. Our innovative system is based on one cart, the SWOZI cart pro. It can be easily modified to suit virtually all line marking requirements.

In combination with the SWOZI paint app, the cart provides for intuitive use and makes tape and strings a thing of the past. By utilizing GPS technology to position and layout sports fields, line marking is carried out effortless, quicker and more accurate.


Unlike conventional line markers, the SWOZI Cart Pro has three wheels and is made of a lightweight aluminum frame without any plastic parts. It is extremely rugged while prompting simplified usability. By utilizing GPS technology to position and layout sports fields, line marking is carried out more effortless, quicker and to perfection. No matter what size or type of sports field, the SWOZI Cart Pro does the job!

High Precision

To meet a wide variety of needs, you can choose from multiple signal sources to achieve high-precision positioning

Back Wheels

To ensure a smooth forward movement, the rear wheels are larger and wider than usual

Front Wheel

The smart front wheel naturally supports a straight line, but also allows for perfect circles from 1m to 100m radius


With the use of the brake perfect soccer pitch corner arcs can be marked by pivoting the cart around the left back wheel


No matter which paint you prefer, the SWOZI system copes with any liquid paint

Handle Bar

The handle bar can be moved down to easily transport the machine in a station wagon


The cart is designed to keep all essential parts, such as the pump, plumbing and battery protected


The cart can be equipped with one to two batteries or an optional battery swapping system. This allows you to work with the SWOZI for a full day without the need to recharge the batteries in between.


Every sports field has its own specifications and requirements - SWOZI manages to address the needs of the most common surfaces with one system, the SWOZI Cart Pro. The rugged but lightweight cart has unique features: is extremely versatile, and uses satellite supported technology for 100% accuracy. The ability to use any liquid paint with the SWOZI system gives operators freedom of choice and maximum flexibility on different surfaces.

The SWOZI Cart Pro Is Suitable For:

Natural Grass

All SWOZI Cart Pro variants work smoothly and without restrictions on natural grass sports fields. Depending on your needs and local conditions, you can utilize GPS technology or a laser tracker to reach your desired result

Hybrid Turf

The SWOZI system complements the performance and maintenance of hybrid grass. We recommend the SWOZI Cart Pro - Push variant with GPS or laser-tracker if it is in a stadium and mm precision is required

Synthetic Turf

The SWOZI line marking system is tailored to suit a wide range of artificial turfs. Paint application with long-lasting results are best achieved with the SWOZI Cart Pro - Push, combined with a laser tracker

Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces like running tracks can be pre-marked with a single person in less than 4 hours. Save time and money with a SWOZI Cart Pro - Push in combination with a long-range laser tracker, while meeting international athletics sporting code

How It Works:


SWOZI Cart Pro - Push

The walk and push option makes line marking on sports fields a whole lot easier. Simply choose your desired field type, position the start point and get going. Thanks to its big wheels, the cart pro is easy to push.

SWOZI Cart Pro - Auto

Automatic line marking is extremely convenient. Simply choose your desired field type, position the start point and watch the cart do its job. Capped at 7km/h, it marks every sports turf with 100% accuracy.

SWOZI Cart Pro - Ride-On

The ride-on variant gives groundsmen and contractors a highly efficient option to service multiple sports fields or facilities. Just dock the ride-on unit to the cart and go. Operators also have the ability to fit more batteries into the cart.