Shotcrete Thickness

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SmartScan: Making Shotcrete Thickness Calculation Easy

Sprayed concrete (or shotcrete spraying) can generate excessive waste: costing too much, or uneven application, compromising the safety of the tunnel, your equipment, and workers. GeoSLAM has designed and built an intelligent shotcrete thickness analysis tool to help you ensure your sprayed concrete is applied to the correct thickness using LiDAR scanning. The GeoSLAM shotcrete product is sold exclusively by Normet under the SmartScan name.

How Can SmartScan Improve Shotcrete Analysis

  • Save wasted concrete and additives from excessive application thickness
  • Gain useful management information - understand wastage and calculate the total over or under spray according to your own parameters
  • Reduced downtime - no waiting for survey results
  • Ensure your shotcrete wall thickness is contractual and legal obligations are met
  • Built and tested in the harshest environments

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