Shaft Inspection

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Combining hardware and advanced SLAM, GeoSLAM Shaft Inspection is a solution for collecting data in hard to reach and dangerous vertical shafts, for inspection or analysis of change.

Due to the ease of data capture using GeoSLAM ZEB scanners, GeoSLAMs shaft inspection solution offers repeatable and frequent scanning, giving companies actionable information quickly. A solution for mining companies to be able to get actionable data for quick decision making, saving time and money while keeping personnel safe.

How it Works

  1. Capture - Using a purpose designed cradle, lower your ZEB to create a digital map of the full depth of a shaft or ore pass
  2. Process  - Transfer the data to a computerGeoSLAM Connect carries out automatic data processing
  3. View - View your processed 3D data minutes. Export your data in your preferred format
  4. Manage - Use the exported data in any 3rd party system for further analysis by using cross sections, creating mesh or solids and comparing to a design

Why GeoSLAM Shaft Inspection

Rapid scanning - Slash survey times with easy-to-use technology. Anyone in mining operations can map vertical shafts in minutes Express data collation - Whether you need to process data on the go or in the comfort of your office, GeoSLAM's data integrates seamlessly with leading mine mapping software. This means you can easily and rapidly create 3D models, workflows and geo-referenced datasets to keep on top of underground shaft maintenance
Specialist design - Your mining equipment should help, not hinder which is why GeoSLAM designed a purpose-built cradle specifically for lowering into a vertical mine shaft Save time and money - With GeoSLAM, data capture and modelling is up to 10x faster, allowing you to make informed decisions which save you costs in the long run
Safety as priority - GeoSLAM helps you achieve your zero-harm targets by providng a safe, accurate understanding of mining shaft infrastructure. Data can also be collected with safety in mind without having people enter unsafe areas Endless uses - Understanding of erosion of the shaft wall, view blockages in the shaft, identify hanging points for ore

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