Sentera Quad Sensor



Featuring four fully-customizable multispectral imagers, the Quad Sensor is a precision agriculture, data-collection powerhouse offering standard Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Green NDVI, Normalized Difference Red Edge (NDRE), and high-resolution color data capture – all in a single flight. Simultaneous collection of NDVI and NDRE data provides users with informative, accurate insights about crop health while streamlining operations.

Sentera’s Quad Sensor is sought by Universities, researchers, large growers, and advisors to provide high-precision, low-distortion vegetative health data tailored for unique applications.

Using plug-and-play technology, our Quad Sensor in a fixed nadir position instantly couples with Sentera’s PHX fixed-wing or DJI Inspire 2 or Inspire 1 drones in the field, ensuring seamless integration, efficient operations, and precise data capture. Also compatible are the DJI Phantom 3 and 3DR Solo drone platforms.


  • 1x 1.2MP CMOS RGB
  • 3X 1.2MP CMOS MonoGlobal Shutter32GB SD card per sensor (~200,000 JPEG images per card)
    • 655nm CWL x 40nm width
    • 725nm CWL x 25nm width
    • 800nm CWL x 25nm width
  • 50° horizontal FOV / 39° vertical FOV
  • 76mm x 62mm x 48mm (3” x 2.45” x 1.9”)
  • Weight: 170 grams