Production Mapping

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Combining hardware and advanced SLAM, GeoSLAM Production Mapping provides an opportunity for mining companies to make short term operational decisions on newly mined production areas quickly.

Utilizing the GeoSLAM ZEB Scanners, capturing data in mines is quick, safe and highly repeatable. Rapid data capture means fewer hold ups in production, saving time and money. The frequency of capture means companies can keep on track with targets and make necessary logistical changes.

How it Works

  1. Capture - Safely and quickly move into newly mined production areas where new information is needed
  2. Process - Transfer the data to a computer - GeoSLAM Connect carries out automatic data processing
  3. View - View your 3D data to understand the environment and ensure that all the areas were captured effectively
  4. Manage - Use the exported data in any 3rd party software for further analysis by using cross sections, creating mesh or solids and comparing to a design

Why GeoSLAM Production Mapping?

Simple and versatile - Accurate data collection that can be used by anyone, anytime with a simple to use interface and same day results Georeferencing - A mining to plan workflow where the data is georeferenced, but collected in a simpler and faster way
Ability to scan more frequently - Data collection can be carried out as often as needed, providing up-to-date maps of progress to compare to plan Easily integrated into existing systems - Universal file formats for 3rd party software including Micromine, Deswik, and most leading mining software
Fast - Rapid capture that doesn't hold up production, saving both time and money

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