MicaSense Altum Sensor with DJI SkyPort Kit

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  • Simultaneous capture of five discrete spectral bands and thermal images
  • Enhanced image resolution on multispectral images enabling high resolution applications
  • High capacity USB Storage
  • DLS 2 with embedded GPS for easier integration, enhanced light calibration
  • Compatible with DJI Matrice 300, Matrice 200 V1 & V2, Matrice 210 V1 & V2


Altum-PT Sensor Kit with DJI SkyPort

Product Details

Altum-PT is an optimized 3-in-1 solution for advanced remote sensing and agricultural research. It seamlessly integrates an ultra-high-resolution panchromatic imager, a new thermal imager that provides twice the ground resolution of the previous Altum, and five discrete spectral bands, allowing plant-level applications such as early-stage stand counting. Altum-PT also features a global shutter for distortion-free results, open APIs, and a new storage device allowing for up to 2 captures/second.

This sensor kit comes ready to integrate with DJI SkyPort compatible drones (Matrice 300, Matrice 200 V2, and Matrice 210 V2). However, integration with DJI M210 RTK drone has not been validated, therefore we cannot ensure compatibility.

The Altum-PT sensor kit with DJI SkyPort comes with: Altum-PT sensor, SkyPort adapter, DLS 2 with embedded GPS, Calibrated Reflectance Panel (CRP 2), USB WiFi dongle, lens cover, necessary integration cables, assorted mounting hardware, CFexpress card, CFexpress card reader, Hard Carrying Case, Quick Start Guide.




Weight Altum + DLS 2: 406.5g (14.34 oz)
Altum: 357g (12.6 oz)
DLS2: 49g (1.73 oz)
Wi-Fi Adapter: 2g (0.07 oz)
USB Stick: 9g (0.32 oz)
Dimensions 8.2 cm x 6.7 cm x 6.75 cm
(3.2" x 2.6" x 2.7")
External Power 4.9 - 25.2V
Power Input 5.5/7.0/10W (standby, average, peak)
Spectral Bands Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, Near Infrared (NIR)
Wavelengths (nm) Blue (475nm center, 32nm bandwidth)
Green (560nm center, 27nm bandwidth)
Red (668nm center, 14nm bandwidth)
Red Edge (717nm center, 12nm bandwidth)
Near-IR (842nm center, 57nm bandwidth)
RGB Color Output High-resolution, global shutter, aligned with all bands
Thermal LWIR thermal infrared 8-14um. Radiometrically calibrated
Sensor Resolution 2064 x 1544 (3.2MP per EO band) at 120m (400ft) AGL 81cm per pixel (thermal) at 120m
Ground Sample Distance (GSD) 5.28cm per pixel (per EO band) at 120m (~400ft) AGL
81cm per pixel (thermal) at 120m
Capture Rate 1 capture per second (all bands), 12-bit RAW
Interfaces Aircraft: Trigger input, top of frame out, 1PPS out. 3.3V isolated IO
2x USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports for WiFi or Ethernet and USB 3.0 Storage
Field of View 50.2° x 38.4° (multispectral)
57° x 44° (thermal)
Focal Length 7.84mm (multispectral)
1.77mm (thermal)
Storage USB 3.0 compatible storage devices

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