Mavic 3 Enterprise

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A New Standard for the Commercial Drone Industry

The Mavic 3 Enterprise is DJI's everyday commercial drone platform that takes inspiration from modern aviation systems. Offering up to 45 minutes of flight time, advanced AI capabilities, wide-angle vision sensing & positioning and more, the Mavic 3 Enterprise sets a whole new standard by combining intelligence with high-performance and unrivaled reliability.


  • 45-minute max flight time
  • 15km Max Transmission
  • Integrates Multiple wide-angle vision sensors for omnidirectional obstacle sensing
  • Primary Flight Display
  • IP43 Rating
  • Hot-swappable Battery
  • UAV Health Management System
  • 4/3 CMOS, 20MP, Mechanical Shutter
  • 56x Hybrid Zoom
  • 1080P low-latency video
  • Tele Camera with additional zoom for long-distance scouting
  • Support FH2: Live Streaming, Coordinate synchronization, media file sharing
  • DJI Pilot2 and 3rd party compatible via MSDK
  • Supports MSDK, PSDK, and Cloud API
  • 1500 Meter altitude limit

Enhanced Flight Performance

  • 45 min Max Flight Time
  • 26 MPH Wind Resistance

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