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LiAir X3-H

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LiAir X3-H Overview


LiAir X3 is the newest smart mobile scanning unit in the LiAir series by GreenValley International featuring automated transmission line
inspection functioning. It adopts a new integrated design style and integrates lightweight LiDAR, self-developed inertial navigation,
high-resolution mapping camera and cutting-edge computing and autonomous systems. The LiAir X3 can carry out autonomous line
patrol operations in specific environments, without route planning, simplifying the operation process and greatly improving the
operation efficiency.



  • Lightweight & Simple

Integrated simple yet rugged design, allowing for protection against the elements with an IP54 rating. The operation interface is straightforward, allowing one touch operation for maximum efficient.

  • New Camera, providing ultra-clear picture quality

Built-in new high-resolution custom mapping camera, the image resolution is upgraded from 2400W to 2600W, allowing for high-quality true-color point clouds as well as orthophotos for Photogrammetry.

  • Cutting-edge Computing Power, for collision avoidance

With powerful computing capabilities, the system supports real-time vegetation and obstacle detection, and can display vegetation encroachment danger points and distances in real-time on LiPlan.

  • LiPlan Flight Assistance Software, making field work easy

LiPlan supports real-time point cloud display, parameter adjustment, and status monitoring. It can be directly installed on the M300 RTK remote controller and used in conjunction with the X3 to help operators control the site conditions in real time.

  • L3 Autonomous Powerline Inspection

Newly developed AirPilot intelligent L3 autonomous ight algorithm of GreenValley International achieving automated powerline inspection with automatic identification of bifurcated lines, interactive selection of ight lines and automatic turns.



X3- is the standard

X3 (Powerline version) has a slanted mount set up and autonomous flight features and automated powerline inspections



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