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GeoMax Ultra System

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GeoMax Ultra System

The complexity of large underground utilities networks is continually increasing. So obtaining precise information on the location of specific buried cables and pipes has never been so important in order to protect buried assets during ground excavation work and supporting the mapping and surveying of these existing utilities.

Easily locate cables and pipes with pinpoint accuracy

The ULTRA System has unique flexible operating modes to help you easily decide the right mode for your locating application and site conditions. The intelligent utility locator monitors the signal interference levels in all available modes and recommends which to use for the best results. Saving you time and giving you increased confidence in your results.

Technical Data -  ULTRA locators

Frequency / Mode  

Power 50Hz, 100Hz and 450Hz; Radio 15kHz to 60kHz; Transmitter 512Hz, 314Hz, 8192Hz, 32768Hz, 83.1kHz and 200Hkz;Sonde Preset 512Hz, 640Hz, 8192Hz, 33768Hz and 83.1kHz (22 frequencies user configurable)

Antenna Configuration   Single peak, twin peak, null, total signal or left/right (cable only)
Depth Power to 3m; Radio to 2m; Transmitter to 4.6m; Sonde to 6m
Depth Estimation 

5% of depth in line or sonde (0.2m to 4.6m depth range)

10% of depth Sonde 4.6m to 6m


Bluetooth®  Enabled
Shutdown  Selectable auto shutdown after 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes
Operating Temperature Range -20° C to 50° C
Batteries 2 x D alkaline (IEC LR20) not supplied
Battery Life  60 h intermittent use (at 20°C)
Weight & Dimensions 2.18 kg - 700mm (H) x 325mm (D) x 122mm (W)


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