Grade Lasers

Grade lasers, a specific class of rotary lasers, offer the unique capability to establish slopes and grades. These robust, highly precise, and user-friendly devices are invaluable for tasks such as landscaping, drainage projects, and various construction assignments. Below will breakdown the most common types of grade lasers professionals use on the jobsite.

Manual Vs Digital Grade Lasers

There are some rotary lasers that are capable of manual slope such as the Topcon H5A or the LL300s. With manual slope rotary lasers, a user manually selects the direction they want the grade to go, typically 5% along the x axis.

An automatic or true grade laser contains a LED screen that allows the user to dial in the grade, lets say 2.5%. These are much more precise than manual slope lasers, but do come with a steeper price tag.

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Single Grade Lasers

Single Grade Lasers are more popular with manual grade lasers. These allow users to change slope on the x axis only and come in both the manual and digital style of lasers.

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Dual Grade Lasers

Dual grade lasers are the most popular grade laser and only come in the the digital versions. They have the ability to set slope on both the X and Y axis which is used to control drainage to a specific corner. In our opinion, if you are looking at a digital single grade laser, you should go with a dual grade because the price difference is minimal and gives you much more capabilities.

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