Telematics & Software: Magnet Office

MAGNET Office Software provides everything you need for a streamlined digital earthmoving workflow. Manage projects in 3D; evaluate different options and costs; and create realistic, accurate earthmoving plans on a map. Location-based construction planning and scheduling helps you avoid costly safety issues, resource conflicts and construction delays.

  • Automated mass haul optimization
  • Location-based scheduling
  • Risk assessments for different mass-haul scenarios
  • Visualization and control of mass balances 
  • Haul-distance calculations
  • Material-usage and traffic-planning optimization
  • Full 3D design and quantity takeoff functionality
  • Sitelink3D and MAGNET Enterprise connectivity
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Project resource planning for success

MAGNET Project is set apart by the addition of a unique toolset for resource optimization planning and location-based scheduling added to a comprehensive 3D infrastructure office package. Maintain budget control of your machine-production rates while ensuring that your schedules are realistic.