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DJI Inspire 2

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DJI Inspire 2

  • Camera Purchased Seperately
  • Compatible with the Zenmuse X4S & Zenmuse X5S
  • Go from 0 - 50 mph in just 5 Seconds!
  • Dual Battery System
  • Max Flight Time of 27 Minutes
  • Self-Heating Technology to Fly in Cold Temps
  • Two Directions of Obstacle-Avoidance


  • Structure | Magnesium aluminum composite shell and transforming design, carbon fiber arms
  • Configuration | Vision sensing, 2-axis FPV camera, range of supported cameras
  • Propulsion | 58 mph max speed, 2 kg thrust per rotor, 15 in props, maximum 27 min flight time
  • Battery | Dual battery, self-heating, battery redundancy, 98 Wh

Image Processing

  • Image Processing & Storage | 5.2K @ 4.2 Gbps RAW video recording, CineCore 2.0, integrated DJI CINESSD
  • File System | FAT32/exFAT universal file system
  • Video Format | CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes 5.2K video support, H.265 and H.264 video codec support, 4K video at 100 Mbps
  • Recorded Video can be stored simultaneously on the DJI CINESSD and Micro-SD card.

Remote Controller

  • Lightbridge technology | Signal frequency switching between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. Lightbridge technology.
  • Controllable range | 4.3 mi (unobstructed, free of interference, when FCC compliant)
  • Master-slave mode | Multiple slave controllers supported
  • Ports | Extension port, HDMI port, USB port

Sense & Avoid

  •  Forward & downward vision systems
  •  Detects obstacles up to 98 feet ahead
  •  Protected flight at up to 34 mph at a controllable altitude angle of 25°
  •  Upward facing infrared sensors scan obstacles 16 ft above
  •  Protection when flying in enclosed spaces

Spotlight Pro

  • Advanced visual tracking algorithms
  • Lock onto subject during flight
  • Rotates itself in same direction of of object
  • Quick Mode: select object, begin tracking
  • Composition Mode: select subject AND tracking position
  • Upward facing infrared sensors scan obstacles 16 ft above
  • Protection when flying in enclosed spaces

Smart Return Home

  • Creates a real-time map of its flight route as it flies
  • Able to fly home along its original route when it loses signal
  • Uses primary camera to identify obstacles as it returns
  • Reconnects more quickly after losing connection

Master & Slave Controller Function

  • Wireless HD image transmission
  • Sends video information from the master controller to the slave controller
  • Two controllers can be up to 100 m apart without loss of image quality

Dual Redundancy

  • Dual batteries
  • If a problem occurs on one battery the other is able to continue for a safe landing
  • Dual IMU & Barometer
  • Dual propulsion system


CP.BX.000166 - UPC190021286283

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