Convergence Analysis

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Combining hardware and advanced SLAM, GeoSLAM Convergence Analysis provides mine operators a quick and safe solution to analyze the change of rock movement, highlighting potential slope/rockface instability.

An operator can capture data in dangerous areas much faster than previously possible, making it easier to repeat scans. Greater amounts of information is available due to the ease of capture, cost effectiveness and frequent scanning, decisions can be made faster, saving time, money and increasing safety.

How it Works

  1. Capture - Safely and easily scan mine tunnels, with or without control points
  2. Process - Transfer the data to a computer - GeoSLAM Connect carries out automatic data processing
  3. View - View your processed 3D data in minutes. Export your data in your preferred format
  4. Manage - Your 3D dataset can be used to analyze time based tunnel displacements in a wide range of mining software

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