What Is Sports Turf/Landscaping?

What Is Sports Turf/Landscaping?

Published by Michael Martin on Jul 6th 2021

We have been very busy here at Benchmark Tool & Supply in the last couple of weeks. If you haven’t already noticed, we have added a whole new category to our website called Sports Turf/Landscaping. We felt that it was the perfect time to dive further into this field and expand our business.

So you may be wondering to yourself, what actually is sports turf/landscaping? To answer that question, it is a combination of field maintenance machines for sports fields (like the ABI Force) and GPS line marking systems. Under this category we have paint sprayers and of course, the ABI Force. Below are the brands we currently offer:

  • Traqnology
  • ABI Force


SWOZI offers a GPS line marking solution to help increase productivity and reduce time and paint usage. The SWOZI Cart Pro is the most versatile and adaptable line marking system for sports fields and utilizes GPS technology for 100% accuracy. The SWOZI Cart Pro has three models to choose from: SWOZI Cart Pro - PushSWOZI Cart Pro - Auto, and SWOZI Cart Pro - Ride-On.

The SWOZI Cart Pro has many benefits. Conventional line spraying and marking takes roughly two to three workers and two to three hours. With a SWOZI Cart Pro, it takes one person 20 minutes to line a field. That is roughly a 75% reduction in time! SWOZI’s system also focuses on reducing paint usage, with a 60% reduction in paint consumption compared to conventional methods. There are over 100 templates to choose from on the SWOZI App, and the Cart Pro can be used on virtually any surface - grass, artificial turf, hybrid turf, hard surfaces (i.e. running tracks). Feel free to use any liquid paint with the SWOZI system - the system gives operators flexibility on different surfaces.

SWOZI Cart Pro - Push

The SWOZI Cart Pro - Push allows the operator to walk and push the cart. Simply choose the field type you are marking, position the starting point and start to mark! The GPS controlled spray arm ensures straight lines all the time even when you go astray (gives 10 inches of tolerance).

SWOZI Cart Pro - Auto

The SWOZI Cart Pro - Auto allows you to mark fields without even pushing the cart. Simply choose the field type you are marking, position the start point and watch the cart do its job. The cart has a top speed of 7km/h and has a run time of four hours on average. If needed, the cart can be switched to manual mode.

SWOZI Cart Pro - Ride-On

The SWOZI Cart Pro - Ride-On allows operators to service multiple sports fields or facilities. Dock the ride-on unit to the cart and paint away!


Traqnology offers a GPS paint sprayer able to universally fit any UTV, tractor, or garden tractor and can be used with Auto Steer technology. Created with the aim of user-friendliness and convenience, Traqnology created the SportsTraq to assist with sports field line marking. Marking a field with SportsTraq can be accomplished in under 20 minutes and provides significant time saving benefits.

SportsTraq has the option to add on their full electronics system with the installation of the paint marking system. This includes the Auto Steer feature and a control box to control the paint sprayer from the seat of your vehicle. This option is highly recommended and further enhances productivity and saves time.

Once SportsTraq is installed, simply load up the App on your tablet and choose the sport, size, and design of your field. You can also create a new field and save the template for when you have to mark the field in the future. Once the field is loaded up, mark a starting point and align yourself with the provided coordinates on the tablet. Once there, hit the GO button and SportsTraq will automatically begin marking your field. If adjustments need to be made, the system allows for easy adjustments on the fly.

SportsTraq has proven to be a highly efficient, easy-to-use system for all your field marking needs. For more information, check out our SportsTraq information page.

ABI Force

The ABI Force is an all around amazing machine to tackle ballfields and any landscaping needs. The ABI Force has a ZERO TURN chassis that makes maneuvering very easy and features a stand-on design for control, visibility and operator comfort. It also has a hydraulic rear lift control feature that allows you to lower and raise the rear attachment without getting off the machine.

The ABI Force comes with numerous attachments suited for different needs. With three different attachment places (front, mid, and rear mount), you can run three attachments at once.

Some front-mount attachments include a seeding and fertilizing spreader and a snow plow mounting system. Attach an ATV snow plow to the ABI Force and plow away in the winter.

Some mid-mount attachments include the stealth blade, edger, multi-function rake, mini-box, and scarifiers. With these attachments you are able to rip up the ground to whatever depth you set and then level it with the rake or mini-box.

Some rear-mount attachments include the VibraFlex 3500-R, a fine finish broom, a scoop (bucket), and drag mats. These attachments (minus the scoop) are used to fine finish baseball fields. The Scoop allows landscapers to utilize it as a wheelbarrow. The Scoop can hold up to 100lbs and you have the ability to place mulch or soil wherever you need it without pushing a heavy wheelbarrow - simply drive it over with the ABI Force.