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Welcome To The New Website!!

Welcome To The New Website!!

Jul 6th 2021

Websites are the same as life. Either you adapt and survive, or you stay stagnant and die.

We are always looking for ways to improve your experience on the jobsite, in our store, or on our website. When we last changed our website about a year and half ago, we were also doing some major internal changes, so maybe the website didn't get the focus and attention it should have. Not saying it was done poorly or bad (it wasn't), but there was room to improve.

Since then, our marketing team has expanded and brought on new talent that is very skilled in graphic design and web/e-commerce, and we felt it was time to update the website again. This time, with you, the end user in mind.

Now, you are greeted with reasonable sized images, not an oversized carousel that changes at snail's pace. This was done so that not only does our page load faster, but we are able to highlight more of our partners and give them the proper real estate on our page. Also, our members can sign in easier with a relocated sign in menu that is no longer buried at the top.

We also have more power to customize almost everything on our site, allowing it to look and feel the same, while always having fresh, new content. We will try not to move things too much, as we all can get where we need to, but we wanted to make sure our site could grow and expand as our business does.

The most important thing we wanted to improve on was the shopping experience. Previously, items were hard to search for, and often had poor images. Our guys have been hard at work improving both of those by taking new products pictures and adding more search keyword terms for all products. Additionally, the ability to search by SKU is very helpful for those items you shop for all the time! Also, we love that this new site will allow you to "compare" products side by side. No more flipping back and forth between screens to figure out which product you like best.

Lastly, this new site has a "Featured/Top Selling/and New Products" categories, right on the home page. No more wondering if we added new products, or what the hot items are. Adding the ability to add them right to your cart from that screen means that you can get your shopping done so much quicker!

We will be adding several more pages under the About Us, so keep checking back!

We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do!

If you experience any issues, please let us know at [email protected]

Thanks, and happy shopping!