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Product Spotlight | SportsTraq GPS Field Line Marker

Product Spotlight | SportsTraq GPS Field Line Marker

Published by Michael Martin on Nov 17th 2021

SportsTraq GPS Field Line Marker

We are back with another product spotlight. Today we have an exciting product to show you, the Traqnology Paint Spraying System, an automated GPS paint spraying system.

The first thing you’ll notice on the paint spraying system is the paint spraying arm or leg, whichever you choose to call it. Traqnology made this spraying arm unique by allowing the user to to take the paint sprayer out of the arm for hand spraying applications. Whether you need to get into tight areas or need to hand spray a design, the paint sprayer comes out easily. Just simply open the red lever to take it out and close it to lock it back in place.

Everything seen on the Gator comes in one ready-to-go pallet. Once you get the pallet just pick it up and slide it into the bed of your Gator and you are ready to start spraying. The Traqnology Paint Spraying System comes with:

  • 25 Gallon Paint Container
  • 5 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine
  • 5 Gallon Clean Water System

On top of the cab of the Gator is a satellite receiver. All of your corrections are going to come via that receiver, which is fed into the iPad mount that sits front and center in the cab. There is also auto steer on the Gator as well, which allows you to drive straight and make precise turns (when creating a circle for example). There is also a nifty custom control panel that controls everything from the rate of spray to the spraying style you want and any other settings you may need. Everything is going to be on heads-up display on the iPad.

Traqnology’s Paint Spraying System is fantastic and allows you to spray sports fields easier and in less time. If you are interested in a demo give us a call at 866-342-7665 or  fill out a form.