ABI Attachments Teams Up with 3 New Companies

The attachments company has entered into agreements with Benchmark Tool & Supply, Precise Machinery and Lawn, and Golf Supply Co.

MISHAWAKA, IND. – ABI Attachments recently signed deals with three new companies: Benchmark Tool & Supply, Precise Machinery and Lawn and Golf Supply Co.

The agreement between ABI and Benchmark Tool & Supply will allow the North Carolina-based company protected rights to sell the ABI Force in two Eastern seaboard states. The ABI Force has been available to contractors and Sports Turf professionals since 2012 through ABI’s direct-sales channels.

Pat Dowling, Sr. Sales Executive for ABI Attachments, says, “Benchmark is known in their region as industry-leading commercial technology professionals who take great care of their customers. We’re excited to call them a partner.”

Benchmark Tool & Supply, Inc., founded in 2004, sought out ABI Attachments for the agreement when witnessed the wide variety of applications in which the ABI Force could provide efficiencies. 

“I quickly realized it would be a very universal package,” says Chuck Harris, owner and CEO of Benchmark. “Our company passion is ‘Accelerating potential through technology’ and the ABI Force is an ideal niche product that does exactly that.”

The ABI Force is a self-propelled zero-turn machine with the ability to laser grade soil surfaces.

For the agreement with Texas-based Precise Machinery, the company will be permitted to sell ABI Force in Texas and Oklahoma. The ABI Force has been available to contractors and Sports Turf professionals since 2012 through ABI’s direct-sales channels. This new venture is an expansion for ABI Attachments and provides Ultara Holdings, Inc. a new business opportunity in the form of Precise Machinery.

“The world of dirt work is changing,” says Scott Holmes, president of ABI Attachments. “Ultara Holdings’, willingness to create an entirely new division to solve the complex problems facing contractors is a testament to their visionary thinking and desire to serve the industry. Precise Machinery is taking their understanding of technology advancements and contractors’ needs and combining them with the one-of-a-kind dirt-work efficiency provided by the ABI Force.”

Precise Machinery was founded in 2019 with the sole purpose of bringing the ABI Force to contractors looking for efficiency gains.

Regarding the new agreement, Billy Tucker, general manager of Precise Machinery says, “The ABI Force has capabilities like no other machine in the marketplace. We believe there are many contractors and machine operators who could experience new levels of efficiency with the self-propelled ABI Force and its patented, laser-guided, Responsive Variable Force technology. ABI Attachments takes pride in their craftsmanship and the ABI Force is our flagship product.”

Lawn and Golf Supply Co. signed a deal with ABI and will sell ABI Force in four states.

Regarding the new partnership with Lawn and Golf, Pat Dowling, sr. sales executive at ABI Attachments says, “We’ve had a long relationship with Lawn and Golf. They saw the potential in the ABI Force when it was first launched and have helped hundreds of contractors save time and money by introducing them to the machine.”

Lawn and Golf Supply Co, founded in 1937, sought out ABI Attachments for the agreement when they began seeing operational advantages of the ABI Force. “We came across the ABI Force Z18 a few years ago while calling on school districts and municipalities. We were very impressed with how their sports fields looked and the durability and versatility of the ABI Force,” says Tyler Jeinnings, inside sales with the company. “ABI isn’t just used for ball-field maintenance; it allows our golf customers to construct perfect tee boxes. It also gives us the opportunity to call on construction companies or anyone that needs a reliable and affordable laser grader.” 

Source: Lawn & Landscape